Author Guidelines

A. General Requirements

The minimum standard requirements of Anggapa Journal: Building Designs and Architecture Management Studies :

1. Manuscripts sent to the editor in the form of Indonesian or English must be accompanied by an abstract and keywords in English.

2. Written in Indonesian or English, paper size A4, 1 space, sentence case, justify, regular, Times New Roman font 12. Left, right margins, top and bottom margins measuring 2.5 cm.

3. The beginning of the paragraph is indented 1 cm. Terms in foreign languages and mathematical symbols are written in italics. Each change of example sub-chapter from 1.1 to 1.2 or between sub-chapters from example chapter 1.5 to chapter 2 or below the description of the image or table or equation is given 1 space.

4. The minimum number of pages in 1 article is 6 pages and the maximum is 10 pages.

5. The author’s name should be accompanied by a complete affiliation address and corresponding email.


B. Structure of The Manuscript

The manuscript must be prepared and suggested present follow the structure:

1. Write an abstract in Indonesian with no more than 200 words and right and left aligned format (justify)

2. Section structure :

a. Contents Introduction
In the introduction, write the background, an explanation of related research that has previously been published (if any). Apart from that, it also explains the specific things in your research.

b. Research methods
In the method section, write the method used in this research. This chapter consists of research design, methods used, research variables, data sources, data collection procedures, examination and validity of data, data analysis techniques and research locations used.

c. Results 
The results and discussion chapter contains the results of the research that has been carried out and a discussion of why the research results were obtained. The research results obtained can be presented in the form of an image, equation, graph, or table.

d. Conclusion
The conclusion chapter contains a summary of the conclusions of the research results discussed in the previous chapters.

e. Contents of the Acknowledgment
This section contains thanks to institutions or people who have contributed to helping with this research, either in the form of financial assistance or physical assistance.

f. Bibliography
The bibliography is a list of research references that have been mentioned in previous chapters. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically.


Make sure that your paper is prepared using the Anggapa Journal: Building Designs and Architecture Management Studies template here.