Ketahanan Usaha Selama Pandemi COVID 19 Pada UMKM di Surabaya


  • Rian Melianti
  • Erna Ferrinadewi Universitas Widya Kartika

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Ketahanan Usaha, Pandemi, UMKM


The Covid 19 pandemic which lasted 2 years has had a real impact on the Indonesian economy. Many businesses went out of business due to the Social Distance policy and the obligation to stay at home, and of course unemployment due to layoffs occurred a lot. MSMEs as one of the pillars of the economy are able to survive and even become one of the sectors that can be relied upon for economic recovery. This study aims to describe the phenomenon of MSME business resilience during the Covid pandemic, what are the sources of business resilience. Involving 5 resource persons of MSME owners with an average turnover of up to Rp. 7,000,000 per month, this qualitative research succeeded in finding 5 sources of business resilience, namely (1) Strong business motivation from MSME owners to consistently trade, (2) Understanding of MSME actors towards their customers, (3) Creativity and service innovation. (4) Good relationships with customers and (5) The use of social media for sales activities during the pandemic is an effort by MSME players to continue to follow health protocols and simultaneously serve consumers with quality products.